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Experience wanted

DB Schenker appreciates the experience new employees bring to our team, and we try to use their experience and expertise as effectively as possible. Here you can read testimonials from longstanding professionals at our company:

Panteha Nadi, Controlling, Team Leader BICC:
“Before I came to DB Schenker, I worked as a bookkeeper and database administrator. I got my Higher Technical Institute degree on the side and then started working as a network administrator.

I joined DB Schenker in Austria in 2004. I started out in the IT department as a database programmer. I then moved in 2006 to the Controlling department, where I initially worked on the SAP rollout for our region. For six years I have been in charge of the Business Intelligence Competence Center. My team and I are working to optimize the company’s internal reporting system and set up a company-wide database for the analysis and evaluation of all business-relevant data from the region.

In my free time, I also completed a degree in Information Technology at the FH Technikum Wien university of applied sciences in Vienna. After that, I began studying Professional Management and IT at Danube University Krems.

My job can be very stressful but it’s also a lot of fun and never boring. All of the people I work with are very cooperative and we all help each other wherever we can.”

Bernd Labugger, Facility Manager in Graz:

“I was trained as a freight forwarding agent at our facility in Graz. I started out there in 1990 and very quickly became involved in operations in various departments. This enabled me to obtain a good overview of the wide range of services offered by a logistics specialist.

After I completed my training, my work focused on ocean freight operations. In 2003, the Management Board gave me a three-year assignment as Ocean Freight Product Manager for Region Austria/Southeastern Europe. The job was very demanding but I also learned a lot and traveled all over the world. It offered everything an open individual interested in gaining new knowledge could possibly want. It was a lot of fun as well!

In 2006, I was named Manager of the Logistics Center in Werndorf, near Graz. There was a very interesting contrast between Werndorf and the former headquarters of Schenker & Co AG at Hohen Markt in Vienna, where I was previously based.

For example, when you’re sent back into the thick of operations at an office or facility, you’re very quickly confronted once again with normal daily challenges associated with customer service, staff management, and your direct responsibility for performance. In any case, it was the type of job that was always interesting.

I’ve been managing the DB Schenker facility in Graz for three years now and I feel very comfortable in this position. After around 24 years at the same company, I still enjoy my work. One of the most important reasons for this is that the company and I value the same things — for example, openness to new ideas, a positive attitude toward change, the courage to address problems and fix them, to question processes, and to contribute new ideas; faith in oneself and the ability to maintain such faith, honesty in relations with others, and the ability to go home when the day is over and ease the stress by focusing on things other than the job.”

Last modified: 15.09.2014

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