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On the safe side

A crime involving freight is committed in Europe every two-and-a-half minutes. Have you also been a victim of theft and all the unpleasant consequences that go with it? You can rest easy with DB SCHENKERsecurity.

Theft and vandalism lead to financial losses, higher administrative outlay and insurance costs, and in many cases sustained damage to a company’s reputation.

We’ve developed an innovative all-round solution that ensures you’ll never have to worry about such things. Protect your valuable cargo and merchandise with DB SCHENKERsecurity.

You consignment is in good and safe hands:

  • You can trust us and our experience: Our team of experts in Vienna works with security officials in every country around the world to ensure nothing happens to your merchandise.
  • If so desired, we can arrange around-the-clock surveillance by the Eurowatch security company.
  • Security solutions for both FTL and general cargo shipments
  • We work with experienced external partners to ensure your goods are also properly protected at critical points along the transport chain.
  • All parties involved in the entire process chain receive periodic security training.
  • All DB Schenker terminals are subject to stringent security standards:* 40 Terminals in Europe (12 in Southeastern Europe) have been certified in accordance with the highest security standard (FSR-A) from TAPA-EMEA.
  • Monitoring of potentially dangerous known “hotspots” for gangs of thieves throughout Europe
  • Adherence to procedures that incorporate the highest possible security standards

The safety and security of your cargo is our top priority. That’s why we continue to work hard to develop new solutions for ensuring that your goods arrive at their destinations safely, securely, and damage-free.

Our efforts in this regard were honored with Hermes Transport Logistics Award in 2014.

*Features include alarms, secured parking lots, fences, and internal camera-surveillance systems. Vehicles are equipped with GPS positioning systems, door checks, sensors, and alarm units linked to the Eurowatch security company.

Last modified: 15.09.2014

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